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Decades in the trenches with America’s military and law enforcement inspired us to craft the tactical rifles you see here – unequaled in precision, reliability and versatility. Leading the charge for 2014, the Model 700® Tactical Chassis. Equipped with a MDT TAC21™ Chassis, its lightweight, ergonomic design serves as a base for easily adding components based on your desired function. The free-floating 24" or 26" barrels deliver superior accuracy, while the Magpul® fully adjustable stock and pistol grip ensure shot-to-shot consistency for any shooter or scenario.

Featuring a stainless steel barreled action coated in black TriNyte,® the Model 700® XCR™ Tactical Long Range is the peak in extended-range accuracy. The Model 700® XCR™ Compact Tactical is a highly maneuverable short-action version with a 20" barrel, while the Model 700® SPS™ Tactical offers rock-solid precision in a fast-handling package.

Both the Model 700® SPS™ Tactical Threaded Muzzle and Model 700® SPS™ Tactical AAC®-SD™ are adapted for silencers, flash hiders muzzle brakes and more.

Key Features:

  • MDT TAC21™ tactical chassis constructed out of aluminum anodized to Mil-Spec Type III, with a top full-length MIL-STN-1914 accessories mounting rail
  • Stainless steel barreled action with black cerakote finish
  • MAGPUL® MAG307 PRS fully adjustable stock and pistol grip
  • Target tactical bolt handle
  • AAC 51-T ratchet mount muzzle brake
  • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger set at a crisp 3½ lbs.
  • Chambered in 308 Win or 300 Win Mag with 24" barrel; 338 Lapua Mag with 26" barrel, each with varmint profile
  • Ships in hard case
244812.25300 Win Mag1084475Find Ammunition
2446 1/411.75308 Win1084474Find Ammunition
265012.5338 Lapua Mag1084477Find Ammunition
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