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Young shooters are more likely to become stewards of the shooting sports if they start with a gun that fits properly. Exactly why we crafted our standard, premium-grade stocks with a shorter length of pull, then fit them to some of our finest firearms. All compact firearms are equipped with our new Adjustable Length of Pull System. So, fit can be customized to youngsters as they grow, and adults requiring a shorter length of pull can tailor compact firearms to their specific needs.

Rifles feature 20" barrels and youth shotguns have 21" barrels (20" for deer gun).

Our Model 870™ Express® Compact Synthetic rifle is everything you like about the traditional 12-gauge Model 870™ Express®, but in a synthetic-stock version that is virtually indestructible. Rain, sleet, snow—whatever Mother Nature throws at it doesn't matter. The butt stock and fore-end stay dimensionally stable, and won't swell or crack due to weather extremes. Stock and all metalwork have black matte non-glare finish.

We also offer our 20-gauge Model 870™ Express® Compact with Mosy Oak® Pink Blaze Camo or Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ stock and fore-end.


  • 13" length of pull
  • Offered in 20-gauge
  • Adjustable Length of Pull System 
  • Features Rem® Choke barrels
  • Perfect length, weight and balance for smaller-stature shooters
  • Model 870™ action is the reliability standard for pump shotguns around the world
21Vent Rib Rem Choke (Mod)40 1/2Rem™ Choke 262081148Find Ammunition
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