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The first time you carry it in the field, you’ll understand why it’s considered one of the finest dense-cover rifles in America. Lightning-fast in close quarters and superbly accurate for the long shot, the compact, short-action Model Seven™ has been a knock-down, drag-out leader in the woods since it was introduced in 1983.

Its receiver and action design are based on the Model 700™ and deliver the highest level of out-of-the-box accuracy, strength and reliability in a platform that’s 2 3/8" shorter overall and weighs just 6 1/2 lbs. (standard calibers).

The Model Seven™ CDL is the quintessential short-action hunting rifle featuring a classically styled American walnut CDL stock and a clean 20" satin-finished barrel. It’s chambered in a broad range of calibers 243 Win., 260 Remington®, 7mm-08 Remington® and 308 Winchester, for everything from varmints to big game.


  • 2 3/8" shorter overall length than Model 700™ counterparts makes the Model Seven perfectly sized for small-statured shooters and densecover hunting situations
  • Compact design for fast handling in dense-cover situations
  • Features the same legendary strength as the Model 700™ action “Three-rings-of-steel” with the bolt face, barrel and receiver encasing the cartridge head
  • Cylindrical receiver design provides a consistent bedding area in the stock
  • Available in Remington Short-Action Magnum and Winchester Short Magnum calibers for the ultimate in compact magnum performance
  • X-Mark Pro® Trigger for superior shooting time after time
2039 1/46.57mm-08 Rem9 1/426421Find Ammunition
2039 1/46.5243 Win9 1/826417Find Ammunition
2039 1/46.5260 Rem926419Find Ammunition
2039 1/46.5308 Win1026423Find Ammunition
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