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The Remington Model 700® a rifle with no equal, and a superior performer in every way. Its accuracy and dependability have become the standard by which all other centerfire rifles are measured and continually fall short.

Still the most accurate out-of-the-box rifle made,the Model 700® brings its famous action and renowned consistency to this diverse family of guns. All are newly equipped with our externally adjustable X-Mark Pro® trigger system.

Model 700® CDL™ is offered in our three best-selling chamberings – the 270 Win, 30-06 Sprg. and 7mm Remington Magnum. Our line of Model 700® CDL™ Sf rifles, offered in a wide range of chamberings,has become extremely popular.


  • Receiver machined from solid-steel bar stock resulting in uniformity and strength.
  • Cylindrical receiver design provides a solid bedding area in the stock for consistent shot placement.
  • Recessed bolt face locks up inside the counter-bored breech of the barrel which is surrounded by the receiver, forming "three-rings-of-steel" enclosing the cartridge case head for unparalleled strength.
  • Integral extractor is set in a groove inside the rim of the bolt face, uniformly supporting the cartridge head.
  • X-Mark Pro® Trigger - featuring super-tight tolerance and mirror-like surface finishes, it breaks like glass and is adjustable for trigger pull weight.
2646 1/27.6257mm Rem Mag9 1/427047Find Ammunition
2443 5/87.3757mm-08 Rem9 1/427015Find Ammunition
2443 5/87.37525-06 Rem9 1/827009Find Ammunition
2444 1/27.530-06 Springfield1027017Find Ammunition
2443 5/87.375243 Win9 1/827007Find Ammunition
2444 1/27.5270 Win1027011Find Ammunition
2646 1/27.625300 Win Mag1027049Find Ammunition
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