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SHOTSHELL WADS - Target - Power Piston® One Piece



Our one-piece shot cup / wad columns remain the unmatched choice for everything from heavy, 10 gauge magnums to the lightest small-bore target loads - including the .410. And for critical 12-gauge clay target loads, our exclusive Figure 8™ wad belongs on every reloading bench. For 1-oz. 12-gauge loads, use our volume calibrated TGT-12 wad. Both the Figure 8 and TGT-12 wads now feature a new stitched petal design that helps keeps wads separated for easier reloading and are interchangeable with the older non-stitched versions.

Key Features

  • New stitched petal design feeds easier for reloading (FIG8S & TGT12S)
  • Remington Factory Quality design
  • Virgin plastic for superior performance under all conditions
  • Complete line of wads for both target and field loads.
500 Units per Box
1 1/8Target Load Power Piston One-Piece WadsFIG8S24342
500 Units per Box
1Target Load Power Piston One-Piece WadsTGT12S24346
500 Units per Box
1 1/8Target Load Power Piston One-Piece WadsRXP1224338
500 Units per Box
7/8Target Load Power Piston One-Piece WadsRXP2024344
500 Units per Box
3/4Target Load Power Piston One-Piece WadsPT28524362
500 Units per Box
1/2Target Load Power Piston One-Piece WadsSP41024352
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