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Proof of our dedication to providing you with the widest selection of centerfire ammunition in the industry, our Rifle series consists of a multitude of calibers and popular bullet styles to match your specialized hunting and shooting pursuits. All assembled with premium components and the ultra-tight tolerances that put more home reloading presses on the back shelf than any other brand. Remington Rifle.

6.5 Grendel
20 Rounds Per Box
6.5 Creedmoor
20 Rounds Per Box
17 Rem
R17R225Hollow Point7 1/2404028460
20 Rounds Per Box
22 Hornet
R22HN145Pointed Soft Point6 1/2269028376
20 Rounds Per Box
22-250 Rem
R2250155Pointed Soft Point9 1/2368021311
50 Rounds Per Box
32-20 Win
R32201100Lead6 1/2121028410
20 Rounds Per Box
35 Whelen
R35WH3250Pointed Soft Point9 1/2 M240021499
20 Rounds Per Box
45-70 Government
R4570L1300Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point9 1/221463
20 Rounds Per Box
220 Swift
R220S150Pointed Soft Point9 1/2378021297
20 Rounds Per Box
222 Rem
R222R150Pointed Soft Point7 1/2314021303
20 Rounds Per Box
223 Rem
R223R155Pointed Soft Point7 1/2324028399
20 Rounds Per Box
243 Win
R243W180Pointed Soft Point9 1/2335027800
20 Rounds Per Box
338 Marlin Express
R338ME1250Soft Point9 1/2221522184
20 Rounds Per Box
375 H&H Mag
R375M1270Soft Point9 1/2 M269029097
20 Rounds Per Box
375 Rem Ultra Mag
PR375UM2270Soft Point9 1/2 M290029340
CompareNoteGauge/ CaliberIndexWeightBullet TypePrimer NumberMuzzle VelocityOrder #