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A break-through line of big game ammunition that combines many of the best performance features developed over the last half-century. The remarkable Swift™ Scirocco Bonded bullet which combines polymer tip ballistics with weight retention is unquestionably the most advanced polymer tipped bullet ever to sit atop a factory load. Of course, our precision loading process — using the finest available components — ensures that it’s delivered with quality unmatched by any other brand.

The Scirocco cut-away shows how the unique combined design features make our new Premier Scirocco line some of the most versatile and reliable big-game ammunition offered today. The expansion-generating polymer tip and the boat tail base combine to defy air resistance at the front end, and reduce drag at the back. The progressively thickening, heavy-based, pure copper jacket is bonded to the lead core to preserve bullet integrity and retain over 75% of its weight at all velocities. Finally, the bullet’s precise concentricity and secant ogive nose profile produce accuracy you would be proud of in match competition.

7mm Rem Ultra Mag Power Level III
PRSC7UM1150Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2 M332529335
7mm Rem Mag
PRSC7MMB150Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2 M311029316
30-06 Springfield
PRSC3006B180Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2270029328
30-06 Springfield
PRSC3006C150Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2291029318
243 Win
PRSC243WA90Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2312029320
270 Win
PRSC270WA130Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2306029322
300 WSM
PRSC300WSMB180Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2 M298029345
300 Rem Ultra Mag Power Level III
PR300UM3180Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2 M325027936
300 Rem Ultra Mag Power Level III
PR300UM5150Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2 M345027950
300 Win Mag
PRSC300WB180Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2 M296029330
308 Win
PRSC308WB165Swift™ Scirocco® Bonded9 1/2270029332
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