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Rem Ban V3 Field Sport 980x215

V3 Field Sport - Synthetic




Reliable Cycling Meets Rugged Durability.

We are proud to say the finest autoloaders in the world aren’t made in Italy, Belgium or Japan. They’re built right here. With the addition of the lightweight, 3”-capable V3 to our lineup, every possible hunting or sporting application is now under the reign of our Versaport gas system.

The V3 incorporates the system’s unfailing reliability and super soft recoil into a sleek platform with the athletic handling and pointability that have made Remington autos an icon in the field. From lightweight 2¾” target loads to the hardest-hitting 3” mags, it cycles them all with the same unrelenting consistency. For all-weather durability, the V3 Field Sport Synthetic is housed in durable, black synthetic stock.

Key Features:

  • Sythetic stock and fore-end.
  • Not only does the revolutionary Versaport™ gas-operated system regulate gas pressure based on the length of the shell, it also reduces felt recoil like no other autoloading shotgun before or since.
  • The revolutionary Versaport™ gas-operated system self-regulates gas pressure based on the length of the shell. Delivering exactly the right pressure for smooth, reliable cycling round after round.
  • Versaport™ gas-operated system flawlessly cycles lightweight 2¾″ target loads to the hardest-hitting 3″ mags, all with unrivaled consistency.
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