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The Remington Model 700®, a rifle with no equal, and a superior performer in every way. Its accuracy and dependability have become the standard by which all other centerfire rifles are measured and continually fall short. Still the most accurate out-of-the-box rifle made, the Model 700® brings its famous action and renowned consistency to this diverse family of guns. All are newly equipped with our externally adjustable X-Mark Pro® trigger system.

There is a cost that comes with high performance, in this case, it’s a lot less than you think. The Model 700® SPS™ (Special Purpose Synthetic) offers everything you love about the legendary Model 700®, all at an extremely affordable price.

Built to carry on the tradition of the Model 700® ADL™ Synthetic, the Model 700® SPS™ is leading the way for the next generation of hard-hitting, fully featured, affordable priced rifles. From the rock-solid receiver design to the famous “three rings of steel,” the Model 700® SPS™ offers the unrivaled out-of-the-box accuracy and high-end performance you've come to expect from America’s most popular bolt-action centerfire rifle.

The Model 700® SPS™ features an improved, ergonomically designed synthetic stock for better handling and enhanced overall functionality. The carbon steel barrels are clean without sights and receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounts. All exterior metalwork features a matte blued finish. Standard amenities also include a hinged floor plate magazine, and swivel studs.

Now the Model 700® SPS™ is offered in a left-handed version chambered for 7mm-08 Rem®, 30-06 Springfield, 270 Win and 300 Win Mag. Our new Managed Recoil 7mm-08 Rem® ammunition is the perfect complement to this addition.


  • Receiver machined from solid-steel bar stock resulting in uniformity and strength
  • Cylindrical receiver design provides a solid bedding area in the stock for consistent shot placement
  • Recessed bolt face locks up inside the counter-bored breech of the barrel which is surrounded by the receiver, forming “threerings-of-steel” enclosing the cartridge case head for unparalleled strength
  • Integral extractor is set in a groove inside the rim of the bolt face, uniformly supporting the cartridge head
  • X-Mark Pro® Trigger – featuring super-tight tolerances and mirror-like surface finishes, it breaks like glass and is adjustable for trigger pull weight
2646 1/27.6257mm Rem Mag9 1/484179Find Ammunition
2444 1/27.37530-06 Springfield1084178Find Ammunition
2444 1/27.375270 Win1084177Find Ammunition
2446 1/27.625300 Win Mag1084180Find Ammunition
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